How To Learn Blazor In 2023

How To Learn Blazor In 2023

How do I learn Blazor well in 2023? Is it something I should know? As we start into 2023, if you are a C# web developer or an aspiring C# web developer, Blazor is an important tool to learn. Not only is it a great option in the ASP.NET Core set of tools, but it is also a technology that Microsoft is investing heavily in.

In this video, I will start by answering some of the commonly asked questions about Blazor. Then, we will look at the different flavors of Blazor and when to use each. After that, I will outline the order to learn Blazor in, I will go over the steps to take when learning Blazor, I will cover the easiest way to become a Blazor developer, and finally, I will cover some tips and tricks to learning Blazor well.

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0:00 Intro

1:31 Blazor FAQs

12:38 Blazor Flavours

24:52 Learning Order

35:51 Learning Steps

40:26 The Easy Path

53:16 Tips & Tricks

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