Build .NET MAUI Apps Faster with App Accelerator

Build .NET MAUI Apps Faster with App Accelerator

Jumpstart your .NET MAUI application development by scaffolding the project you want with the .NET MAUI App Accelerator by Matt Lacey. Specify the coding style, navigation pattern, pages, and features you want in your app as a starting point. Matt walks us through everything you need to know about this extension for Visual Studio.

GitHub for the project:

Marketplace link for the extension:

Marketplace link for the extension pack I also mentioned:

00:00 - Intro
02:40 - App Accelerator & Matt's History
04:05 - Creating a .NET MAUI app with App Accelerator
05:15 - Choosing a version of .NET
06:10 - Coding style for .NET MAUI apps
06:40 - Navigation Style Selection
07:10 - Setting up pages with App Accelerator
09:35 - Adding features to .NET MAUI apps
12:18 - Exploring generated project
17:05 - Exploring other options for App Accelerator
18:35 - Installing and contributing
21:45 - Wrap-up

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